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| January 2019

INTERVIEW WITH BERTRAND An experienced technician in electropolishing

INTERVIEW WITH BERTRAND An experienced technician in electropolishing

Bertrand explains the preparations in the workshop…

A working group was established within Technochim in order to consider how to carry out electropolishing on a process tank at the customer’s site. The complexity lay in the manufacture of the counter electrode (cathode) to be placed in the tank. We needed to be creative and ingenious. The group comprised: Frédéric, CEO; Juliette, engineer and scientific expert; Rudi, project manager and Xavier, industrial designer. Together we gathered our ideas and points of view in order to imagine and create the assembly.

One problem was that we only had plans of the tank to carry out this trial assembly. Once on site, as the cathode was lowered into the tank, it was imperative that it did not touch the walls of the tank. We could not, therefore, risk a nut or a bolt slipping out of our hands. The slightest bump would have caused an impact and damaged the tank wall.

So, on the workshop floor we planned out the obstacles in the tank that would be encountered as the cathode was lowered. Then we designed the assembly of the cathode in sections. Each section was numbered so that the team on site could assemble it by simply following the numbering. In order to avoid losing a screw during handling, we welded gudgeons to a plate curved in the shape of the bottom of the tank. These gudgeons then enabled us to position the components directly in place and limit the need for small adjustments.

Completing this task successfully is what I love about my job: creativity, research, variety and team work. 

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