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|The ultra-clean world!

The pharmaceutical sector, and also that of biotechnology, is subjected to strict rules in regard to hygiene. The equipment used for producing and distributing clean fluids (also called “Clean utilities”) such as water for injection or pure steam, is made from stainless steel.

In the field where ultra-cleanliness reigns supreme, the surface state of stainless steel seems an essential criterion. The final quality of cleaning is going to depend directly on the roughness of the surface. The less rough it is, the more the oxidation and/or contamination risks decrease.

Technochim is specialised in chemical and electrochemical treatment of stainless steel. The company intervenes at different times in the life of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology plant.

When commissioning a new plant, Technochim cleans all the tanks and pipes to eliminate residual foreign bodies such as grease, dust, filings or iron oxides. This cleaning is carried out with an acid solution which enables the stainless steel to recover its corrosion resistant properties, or using an alkaline solution to avoid risks of contamination by micro-organisms. The company also carries out preventive maintenance or emergency interventions to reduce a plant’s downtime to the minimum and improve its productivity.

Technochim  has also designed a technology unique in the world which eliminates rouging even in the most critical situation (class III rouging) without changing the surface state.

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