Stainless steel - Degreasing


Degreasing, to removing foreign bodies

Degreasing is used to eliminate foreign bodies such as grease, oil, dust, filings..., from the metal’s surface, before commissioning equipment and this being in order to eliminate any risk of corrosion and bacteriological contamination which would be associated with it.


|Degreasing, a treatment to be adapted

Chemical degreasing can be carried out from essentially caustic soda based alkaline solutions,  acid solutions particularly those which are phosphoric acid based or by organic solvent. It should be noted that there is no single technique to carry out degreasing effectively but that the treatment needs to be adapted depending on the type of deposits and its surface state. 


|Technochim – In the workshop or on site!

In its workshop Technochim has a large size (7m x 2.5m x 3m) alkaline degreasing bath and acid degreasing bath. At the customer’s request, baths of specific compositions can be set up in order to fulfil a specific requirement.

On its customers’ sites, Technochim can connect up to plant or equipment with its treatment skids to circulate the required degreasing chemical solutions in them. For example in boiler making workshops, degreasing by spraying will be favoured.