Environmental and energy improvements

• Control of productivity and investment costs
• Improved functional qualities through treating the surface rather than the bulk material

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Functional Coatings

|Functional Coatings

No need for melting or fritting to produce glasses and ceramics: researchers have developed soft chemistry methods which use mineral polymerisation reactions to produce these materials at lower temperatures than conventional methods, which consume enormous quantities of energy and are highly polluting. The deposition of nanostructures takes place in thin layers accumulated with nanometric precision, while the sequencing and natures of the materials applied affect the properties of the product.

Due to technological progress, the coating now plays a key role in the process of designing a product, as important as the technology employed, and is a constant driver of innovation.


|New properties

Technochim specialises in the application of nanostructured “ceramics”: thanks to this innovative surface treatment, components and materials find new properties such as easy-to-clean, aesthetic or differentiating colours, anti-fouling, anti-adhesion, anti-bacterial, anti-reflection, scratch resistance, anti-corrosion, UV absorbing, reflectivity, insulation or self-cleaning.

Our hybrid coatings, which combine inorganic and organic components, offer a whole range of capabilities and find applications in numerous business sectors.

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