Surface preparation


Technochim, specialist in metal surface treatments



Technochim is a company specialised in mechanical, chemical and electro-chemical treatments of metal surfaces.

These treatments are carried out on metals in order to modify their surface properties to increase their resistance to corrosion or for decorative purposes. For carbon steel, it may also constitute a base to improve adhesion of subsequent treatments such as painting, etc…

Among the different treatments at which Technochim excels, we mention in particular: 

- degreasing, pickling, passivation, electro-polishing, mechanical polishing, shot blasting and de-rouging of stainless steel;

- descaling, rust removal and de-silting of HVAC equipment, in which carbon steel, brass, copper, etc. is found…;

- pickling and anodising of titanium;

These operations are performed either on site at its customers, or in its own workshops located in the industrial zone of Ghislenghien in Belgium not far from the French border.

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