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Technochim designs, manufactures and markets the Derustinox range of products intended for chemical treatment of metal surfaces and more especially treating stainless steel. These products result from efficient, exclusive formulations which are recognised by the largest chemical cleaning and maintenance companies.

The Derustinox range of products is very extensive. In addition, pastes for pickling welding beads, spray-on pickling products, etc… can be found there. We invite you to consult the individual product sheets and contact us for any technical questions.

Liquid products

CLINOX ACTIVE acid cleaner – grease remover Fiche technique Fiche sécurité
PICKLING LIQUID EXTRA fluo nitric pickler with strengthened action Fiche technique Fiche sécurité
PASSIVATING LIQUID nitric passivant Fiche technique Fiche sécurité


Thixotropic products

SPRAY INOX CLASSIC gel décapant pulvérisable transparent Fiche technique Fiche sécurité
SPRAY INOX RED gel décapant pulvérisable rouge - -
SPRAY INOX WHITE gel décapant pulvérisable blanc - -
SPRAY INOX STRONG gel décapant pulvérisable blanc avec action renforcée - -
PASSIVATING GEL sprayable passivating gel Fiche technique Fiche sécurité


Les pâtes pour cordons de soudure

GEL INOX CLASSIC pâte décapante universelle Fiche technique Fiche sécurité
GEL INOX BRIGHTENER pâte décapante spéciale pour l'industrie pharmaceutique - -



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